Mesotherapy is a natural and safe non-surgical treatment. It is an alternative to cosmetic procedures and is often known as the Celebrity Red Carpet Facial that provides instant hydration and radiance.

Mesotherapy is a technique that involves micro-injections with the advanced technology of the “Nanosoft” nano-needle, to deliver bubbles of cell revitalising solutions into the superficial dermis. These pharmaceutical grade skin boosters, vitamins, minerals, growth factors, peptides and amino acids, target specific conditions, and most importantly act as a bio-stimulator to trigger regeneration in dermal cells from within.

Mesotherapy can be best described as progressive skin rejuvenation from within, using skin boosters to give a moisture infusion that acts like a natural filler to plump lines and wrinkle with immediate and visible results.

GMG Beauty uses only the absolute most Premium Mesotherapy Skin Boosters for these procedures by industry leader FillMed, The NCTF 135HA & The M-HA 10.

Mesotherapy is effective for 

  • Face lines and wrinkles
  • Dry, dehydrated thirsty skin
  • Decolletage & neck, wrinkles, and sagging skin
  • Eyes, fine lines & helps reduce dark circles
  • Face & hands, tone & texture, brightens dark spots and sun damage
  • Body, reduces stretch marks
  • Scalp & hair line, stimulate hair growth  
  • Scars, softens reduction in raised and discoloured scars

Progressive skin rejuvenation from within, with using Skin Boosters that acts like a natural filler ...

As leaders in aesthetic medicine and experts in anti-ageing, Fillmed’s treatments are diverse and effective...