Pamper Points

Our Pamper Points reward you for shopping with us, every time you purchase a product in our beauty shop and salon and when your "sing our praises" via social media, you will be collecting points that turns into cash to spend on your beauty treatments or even more products.

Collect 2 Pamper Points for every £1 you spent in our beauty shop on products and collect 2 Pamper Points for every £1 you spent in our beauty salon on services you will soon have enough Pamper Points to treat yourself to an indulgent treat in the beauty salon or shop 

As the pamper point card is linked with our smart digital booking system, the fantastic technology tracks the following and awards bonus points or can even double points on products on special offer days, or on your birthday or just cos we like you lots!

How do I start to collect Pamper Points 

  • For every £1 spent on products you will receive 2 Pamper Points 
  • For every £1 spent on products you will receive 2 Pamper Points 
  • Recommend a friend and get 50 pamper points topped up onto your card (don’t forget to get them to mention your name when they book!)
  • 10 extra pamper points for any social media tagging which includes checking in to Geraldine McGuigan Beauty Salon on facebook, tagging us in a photo, post, comment, posting a photo of your beauty experience on Twitter
  • 10 extra pamper points for a facebook review or phorest review

So you’ve got your home skincare or nail products, you’ve recommended your friends, you’ve checked in on facebook and you’ve tweeted a photo of your new nails. The pamper points are stacking up! So, what will you spend your Pamper Points on! 

Terms and Conditions

  • Pamper Points are only available to beauty salon clients
  • Pamper Points are collected on purchase of products and services 
  • Pampers Points for social media promotion of our salon, Please let us know on you next visit to top up your card 
  • Pamper Points can only be redeemed by the person named on the card

Get your Pamper Points Card today!.

At your next appointment simply ask your therapist or the receptionist to activate your Pamper Point Card and start turning the pounds you spend on products into points for indulgent beauty treats. After all, you so deserve it!

How do I spend my Pamper Points?

You can spend your Pamper Points any time on almost anything in salon and get that wonderful ‘I’ve paid with my Pamper Points’ feeling. When you get to the till, simply hand over your Pampet Points Card and let the receptionist know you would like to pay with Pamper Points.You cannot part-pay with Pamper Points Card points, so you’ll need the full amount of points for the product or service you choose. For example, 800 points will pay for a product or service priced at £8.00. The total price in points will then be deducted from your Pamper Points Card balance.

You must have enough points on your Pamper Points Card to cover the cost of the product or service you wish to purchase.

My Pamper Points balance

How do I check my points balance in store?

There’s a Pamper Points statement at the bottom of your till receipt, which will tell you how many points you have collected with each purchase and how many you have collected all together. You can also find out your balance by asking the receptionist to check your account.