Environ Cool Peels

Looking to target signs of ageing, sun damage, acne, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles? Then read on!

Environ Cool Peel Treatment uses different levels of lactic acid, to boost hydration and remove the build up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, helping to decongest the skin and smooth its texture.

Environ has also pioneered the thick low concentration acid gel (TCA-Pamgel):

  • A revolutionary concept, the evaporation of water from the gel works to cool the skin while the acid penetrates, so it makes it a ‘cool peel’.
  • Also the acid is applied in layers. This helps to increase the concentration of the acid, without lowering the pH of the skin.

Experience a totally safe way to have the benefits of a peel without skin damage, irritation, discomfort or recovery time... just incredible results every time.

The Cool Peel Treatment is very effective on thickened, rough or sun damaged skin:

  • Superficial peeling: visible effects barely perceptible
  • Skin becomes dryer for a while and texture is smoother
  • Healthy cells survive while damaged cells are removed
  • Promotes collagen formation

The Cool Peel Treatment targets problem skin, acne & acne rosacea red skins:

  • Helps to reduce active acne
  • Refines enlarged pores
  • Blackheads are removed
  • Bacteria is destroyed skin is sterilised
  • Inflammation is calmed

Environ Treatments / Environ Cool Peels

Cool Peel Course of 6

60 minutes

Cool peels are recommended to be booked as a course of 6 treatments to maximise results * consultation required


Cool Peel Course

60 minutes