Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures or non-surgical blemish removal is a non-invasive method for treating various skin blemishes, conditions, & growths using a technique called Advanced Thermolysis.

The demand for these procedures is very high especially now as the medical profession is not only too busy but also very reluctant to do anything about benign lesions. They are seen purely as a cosmetic problem regardless of the psychological effect on the person having the unsightly marks, lumps, and bumps on their skin.

Many skin blemishes can be effectively and safely removed by Advanced Thermolysis, such as, red veins, skin tags, blood spots, milia, seborrheic keratosis, common warts, sebaceous hyperplasia and dermatosis papulose nigra.

At GMG Beauty we work with the 'Angie', Perfect Skin. The Angie offers specific programs using Thermocoagulation, ultrarapid radio frequency to coagulate superficial skin imperfections, to minimise the appearance or remove completely without the need for surgery and very little recovery time.

The precision technique of the Angie is gentle and yields rapid blemish free results. The treatment itself is a little uncomfortable but easily tolerated, there are minimal after-effects, with a little tightness and scabbing to be expected.

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

Consultation Advanced Thermolysis

Dedicated Time: 30 minutes

All clients new to Advanced Cosmetic Treatments must have a consultation with our Advanced Cosmetic Practitoner before commencement of treatment.


Facial Thread Vein Removal

25 minutes

If those little red veins are making you feel less than fresh faced, then we has a simple solution.


Skin Tag Removal small

Dedicated Time: 25 minutes

Advanced Thermolysis to remove skin tags or fibrous growths from the skin.

From £75.00

Milia (White head) Removal

Dedicated Time: 20 minutes

Advanced Thermolysis treatment to remove Milia (whiteheads) from the skin.

From £90.00