Geraldine McGuigan

Geraldine McGuigan Beauty Salon was the first beauty salon in North Belfast, opening on 15th August 1986 at 263 Antrim Road, Belfast.Working as principal therapist with a small team. Over the years, the salon has enjoyed continued growth and expansion, extending our services to meet the needs of our beauty-savvy clientele. With our finger firmly on the pulse of the latest beauty trends and training, customers love our range of beauty and body treatments, combined with excellent customer service and personal touch. In 1996 Geraldine joined forces with Bronwyn Conroy and opened the Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School Northern Ireland above her salon premises. As principal of the school she has been responsible for directing the highest standard of training provided, which is delivered through her own staff in the salon. This year has seen Geraldine return to her passion for treating skin. As well as continuing to run the beauty training school, Geraldine is now available in the salon, offering Apilus electrolysis, as well as advanced skin procedures, to customers’ delight. The range of treatments on offer at the salon reflects society’s demand for innovation. From skin and body treatments, to make-up, lashes, nails and more, step inside and have all your beauty needs professionally met.