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Massage Therapy

  • Back Massage

    A 20 minute massage that concentrates on the muscles of neck and shoulders, relaxing essential oils are applied using Swedish massage techniques to soothe tired and over worked muscles. Ideal after sporting activities or simply to unwind, ease muscle pains and relax.

  • Back & Scalp Massage

    Stress and tension are dissolved during this back and scalp massage with a touch of relief. Essential oils are selected to suit to your needs, to energise, detox or de-stress then a 20 minute back massage that concentrates on the neck and shoulders with a 5 minutes introduction to deep tissue massage (trigger point therapy), to conclude a soothing 10 minute scalp massage.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    A 30 minute remedial massage treatment using a combination of Swedish massage and intensive deep tissue techniques focuses on relieving specific stress and muscle tension. Treatment begins with a consultation and assessment of muscle condition, then aromatherapy essential oils are chosen to energise, detox or destress, a bespoke treatment performed mainly on the muscles of the back but targets other related areas in need of treatment.

  • Indian Head Massage

    A specialised treatment based on ayurvedic massage techniques to completely relax the mind, body & spirit. A flowing sequence of massage movements are performed over shoulders, upper back, neck and head where most of our tension is held, to finish stimulating pressure points on the face help to release muscle tension.

  • Full Body Massage

    Body massage using the classic Swedish massage techniques that lasts for 60 minutes, using 100% natural essential oils chosen to either energise, relax or detox. A truly stress-releasing massage that will leave you invigorated from deep within and induce a state of relaxation and calm.